Kunming Chalet Villa Development Worth Attention

Feb. 8,2020

With regard to the layout plan, in the case that the layout is satisfactory for carrying safety, the data specifications and grade standards are properly selected. The layout of the same demand as those of the material selection request, according to the owner's request for Hengyu's shape, plan and request for important layout information, Hengyu's cost control request, etc., stop selection, maintenance, adjustment, confirmation. On the premise of satisfying the mechanical requirements of the layout data, we seek cost-saving moderation. The durability plan should be based on the different meteorological premise of the different areas, that is, the dryness and humidity of the atmosphere, the uniform moisture content of the Kunming log house, the temperature difference, the amount of rain, the beneficial insects of the Kunming log house, and the persecution of the white ants. Request to ensure that the products of the Kunming wooden house layout can be used for more than 50 years. Weather resistance, full consideration of changes in temperature differences, changes in dryness and humidity, anti-cracking of Kunming wooden house materials, anti-aging requirements for paint, and the choice of cold and frost resistance of waterproof membranes must be compatible with local meteorological conditions. For security, it should be based on the use of Kunming log cabins and demanders' requests for interior materials. Stop the choice of interior decoration materials. If it is used for resort hotels, room houses, large-scale special construction, Kunming log house materials for interior materials need to plan to adopt flame retardant disposal standards that reach flame retardant B 1 level. It is recommended to adopt refractory materials such as calcium silicate board and gypsum board. Comfort, energy saving and environmental protection. Insulation materials should be selected with good flame retardancy and no persecution. Different regions and different temperatures should be separated to choose the thickness of the insulation layer and the thickness of the wall. The use of solar energy, the use of LED light sources should consider the natural ventilation is not profitable, the atmosphere convection plan to reduce the use of air conditioning. Choose a non-persecution waterborne Kunming wooden house paint or a non-persecution waterborne coating. China's Kunming wooden house does not have the same profile scale provisioning system to establish the scale of response data. There is no same hardware to connect the scale of fasteners and the supply market. The materials of Kunming wooden houses are so diverse that it is difficult to guarantee the identity of product function and quality of Kunming wooden houses. Sex value is not comparable. Due to the lack of the above-mentioned various hardware and software, the construction quality of Kunming Chalet Villas in Kunming can only be assured by the conscience of the implementers. The growth of the wooden house construction industry in Kunming needs to be built to full scale and standards, and the country, enterprises, and individuals must work together to delay the completion. Various achievements and hardships in the construction of Kunming wooden house installations, as long as the behavior speaks of conscience and the behavior has a scale, can it come to fruition.


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