Talking about the Applicable Scope of Anticorrosive Wooden Houses in China

Feb. 8,2020

The construction of wooden structures has been widely used in North America, Europe, and Asia (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Middle East) in recent centuries, and will continue to be the dominant construction system in the 21st century. The reason for this is that wood The construction of the structure has the following unique advantages: from the characteristics of firewood and the weather in the south of China, the anticorrosive wooden house can better exhibit its characteristics and influence on the south. The southern part of our country belongs to the cold and sub-frigid weather. It is very hot and rainy in summer and cold and humid in summer. Firewood is a kind of porous material. It has a small thermal conductivity and is a poor conductor of heat. It has the effect of conditioning the indoor temperature. Therefore, the wooden structure Hengyu gives people the comfort of freezing and warming in summer. The anticorrosive wooden house adjusts the effect of humidity. It is one of the peculiar characteristics of the anticorrosive wooden house. The moisture absorption of the firewood itself induces indirect tension changes in the indoor humidity. When the humidity is high, the anticorrosive wooden house actively absorbs moisture, and when it is dry, it releases water from its cells. The anticorrosive wooden house is more suitable for the south side where the summer is hot and rainy, and the summer is cold and humid. Firewood receives ultraviolet rays from the sun and reflects infrared rays. Because firewood is a porous material, it forms tiny bumps on the outside. At the same time, it receives diffused reflections of the rays of the department, making the rays softer visually. In order to reduce the damage of sunlight to human skin and the comfort of eyes, the wooden structure Hengyu is both "sunscreen" and "sunglasses". The anticorrosive wooden house is more suitable for the south side where the summer is hot, the sun is strong, and the sun is long. The firewood made of anticorrosive wooden house is treated with many chemical and physical processes and processed with special techniques. It has the characteristics of anticorrosion, moisture resistance, insect resistance, and antibacterial. It is obviously able to exert influence on the south side. As mentioned above, anticorrosive wooden houses are spread all over China, especially in the south. This is due to the characteristics of firewood and anticorrosive wooden houses and the meteorological zone in which China is located, especially the hotlands and sub-cold weather stations in the south. decided. Therefore, the wooden structure Hengyu has a good compliance in China, especially in the south.


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