Design and Construction of Dalian Landscape

Sept. 1,2020

Dalian Landscape Architecture brings together advanced design forces and has a strong consultant team composed of internationally renowned experts. It is a limited liability company that specializes in providing quality decoration design for owners and properties. When building a small garden, the overall idea must be clear. It is necessary to consider the style of the garden from different angles. It can be built into a bonsai art appreciation garden, a vegetable melon orchard, a garden tea bar and a leisure garden, and a plant health garden with the same source of medicine and food. From the perspective of construction techniques, the garden can be built into a natural style. Pastoral style, European geometric style, Japanese style, small palace style, etc.; after the shortcomings of style, you can design the garden decoration according to your own preferences. To make the garden look more coordinated, you can lower the height of the railings, or plant trees locally, so that the line of sight does not fall directly on the railings. If it is a wrought iron railing, when planting plants, you can choose flower pots with hooks, plant small flowers of different colors, and not hang on the railings as usual. For small-area Dalian garden landscape design, the best plants to choose are small trees, bamboos, and annual flowers and plants. After the garden is completed, the landscape is close to nature, and the characteristics of the four seasons are obvious. The owner can enjoy the cool in the garden, and can also engage in gardening interests, and it can also allow children to observe the changes of flowers and plants throughout the year.

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