The method of plant matching in Dalian garden landscape

Sept. 1,2020

The garden is a wonderful flower in my country's garden architecture. It attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists with its large number of gardens, unique layout, ingenious architecture, and varied scenery. So now many locals will find garden design companies to design the landscape, hoping to create a pleasant and civilized scenic spot. Garden plants should be equipped with plants of different shapes and colors according to the topography and landforms, and they must not conflict with each other in perspective, nor with other garden buildings and garden sketches in perspective. The Dalian garden landscape is permeated with the artistic conception of landscape poems and landscape paintings, full of poems in the paintings, just like a "silent poem", a "three-dimensional painting" and a "cohesive music". Not all natural plants live in groups, but also solitary. Garden plants are equipped with multiple methods such as solitary planting, row planting, patch planting, group planting, and mixed planting. In this way, you can appreciate not only the flavor of lone tree planting, but also the beauty of group planting trees. Dalian landscape design occupies a relatively limited area, and the landscape design is not large. In landscape construction, suitable methods are often used and with the help of association to broaden the desired space of the landscape. Seeking "images outside the images, scenes outside the scenes", especially the various virtual scenes produced by light, shadow, and taste, can make a limited landscape show infinite time and space.


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