Talk about how to reflect the diversity of Dalian garden landscape design

Sept. 1,2020

Putting many things together through some kind of connection to obtain a harmonious effect, this is the diversity and togetherness in the design of Dalian Landscape Design Company. Diversity and togetherness is the connection of dialectical together, and this connection exists in any art such as music and painting. In artistic creation, we should generally consider the master-slave connection between the various parts that are both different and connected, and this connection is often emphasized in order to obtain a clear and organized artistic effect of the host and the host. In the layout of Dalian garden landscape, there are also the main part of the main body and the subordinate part or the main part and the subordinate body, which are generally selected by the requirements of functional use. From the perspective of the layout, the main part often becomes the main layout center of the whole garden, and the non-essential part To become a non-necessary layout center, the non-necessary layout center not only has relative independence, but also subordinates to the primary layout center, communicates with each other, takes care of each other, and complements each other. The overall nature of the environment and the style of environmental design in Dalian gardens are the key to creating beautiful landscapes, and the characteristics of landscape companies are also reflected in this type of compatible and inclusive design style. The design effects of biodiversity and humanistic feelings make more Many customers feel the same style of this type of landscape design. Relying on the landscape company can protect the wild environment together with the artificial grassland, so that the city can be better compatible with the wild environment.


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