Dalian Garden Landscape Maintenance Technology Sharing

Sept. 1,2020

With the rapid development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural level, garden tree maintenance, as an important part of landscaping, has received more and more attention from gardeners. The maintenance of the garden landscape in Dalian is very important. It is necessary to observe the changes of the seedlings at any time, and take timely measures to do the maintenance work when diseases, insects, wind disasters, and drought are found. Dalian Garden Landscape Project is a project to construct landscape green space. Landscaping is to provide people with good rest, cultural entertainment, close to nature, and to meet people's desire to return to nature. It is an important measure to protect the ecological environment and improve the urban living environment. According to plant growth and climatic conditions, garden maintenance water in Chengdu should be adjusted continuously. Summer is the most vigorous period of plant transpiration, and the frequency and amount of irrigation need to be increased. In winter, the frequency and volume of drinking water should be reduced. When the original drainage system cannot meet the drainage requirements, the number of drainage ditches should be increased or pumps and other machinery should be used for drainage. Drainage must be carried out in time. Soaking plants in water can easily cause disease or even death. The purpose of weeding in Dalian gardens is to get rid of the plants that people need. Loose soil increases the permeability and permeability of the topsoil. Weeds consume a lot of water and nutrients in the soil and compete with garden plants for living space. Adhere to the principle of "early, small and exceptional". The green space should be kept free of weeds at all times to ensure the purity of the lawn.


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