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What are the uses of carbonized wood?

Carbonized wood is carbonized wood. Carbonized wood is carbonized wood, carbonized, and the word under the carbon is fire. As the name implies, it must meet the conditions of anhydrous and high temperature. To protect the strength of the wood and control the carbonization process, a protective medium must be provided. Deep carbonized wood flooring is one of the main uses of deep carbonized wood. In addition, deep carbonized wood can also be used to make other outdoor supplies, such as tables and chairs, swings, grape racks, and even wooden houses, as if we were in It is common in foreign family courtyards. Nowadays, more and more people are living in villas in China, and it is also a pleasure to install some furniture made of deep carbonized wood in their yard.

Advantages of carbonized wood:

1: environmental protection. During the whole process of wood, the wood is only in contact with water vapor and hot air, without adding any chemical reagents, maintaining the natural nature of the wood. Carbonized wood is environmentally friendly and green.

2: Purify the air. Carbonized wood, as its name implies, after the wood is dried, it has some special functions of carbon, which can absorb impurities in the air and filter the air to improve people's breathing environment.

3: Environmental stability. During the high-temperature carbonization of wood, the hydrophilic factors inside the wood are recombined to reduce the moisture absorption balance point of the wood. It is commonly known as the "wet line" and is not easily affected by the surrounding environment. It is known that it is suitable for various wood products.

4: Very strong corrosion resistance. During the carbonization of wood, most of the fungi and all the insects inside the wood were killed in high-temperature air. At the same time, under the high-temperature state, the internal nutritional content of the wood undergoes complex and drastic chemical changes and is degraded. Or recombination can cause surviving fungi to die from loss of life-sustaining nutrition. That is to say, the wood will not mold after carbonization.

Carbonized wood has anti-corrosion effect: because the surface carbonized wood is pure natural anti-corrosion wood, there is no poison, the surface of the carbonized surface has a feeling of unevenness, producing a three-dimensional effect, clear texture, relatively healthy and stylish, simple and elegant. The price of deep carbonized wood furniture is not expensive, and it is similar to that of general furniture. Although its appearance looks rough, it is more in line with the style of close to nature. But will the deep carbonized wood's antiseptic effect be damaged by cutting? There is no need to worry about it, because of its processing technology, no matter how it is manipulated, its anticorrosive performance will not be affected.

Uses of carbonized wood: Recommended uses of carbonized wood are: outdoor wall panels, outdoor furniture, outdoor flooring, outdoor wooden doors, wooden shutters, gardening sketches, interior decoration, swimming pools, parking garages, roof decoration, beach fences, outdoor swings, wooden houses ,Wait.

Uses of carbonized wood: Carbonized wood is healthy and fashionable. Many flower boxes and flower stands are made of carbonized wood. The surface carbonized wood is strongly recommended for wood: Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica and Meisong. The texture of Meisong is relatively clear. The meridian of the wood is obviously thick. Obviously simple and elegant. Second, larch, southern pine. Carbonized wood is healthy and stylish. Many flower boxes and flower racks use carbonized wood as the material. Carbonized wood can also be used as the door head. It is deeply loved by consumers and gives people a close feeling. Moreover, from the perspective of customers, the carbonized wood door head is also unique. Can attract more consumers.

Another important feature of heavy ant wood is that the wood is oily. Heavy ant wood flooring with abrasion-resistant topcoat is more abrasion-resistant. At the same time, the paint adhesion is strengthened, making the floor surface naturally soft and beautiful. Heavy ant wood has a large change in color and changeable color, which is an advantage, but many consumers simply pursue the unity of color difference and prefer to repaint, which also masks the tone texture and texture grade. Therefore, the choice of heavy ant wood flooring still depends on its own decoration design. Why are some wood cracks larger and some crack smaller?

A: Timber is composed of many annual rings. The moisture content of different annual rings is not equal, and the deformation and cracking of wood are closely related to the moisture content. Larger materials involve more annual rings than small ones. Nordic factories are cutting It is technically possible to avoid such phenomena and the core of the tree when the small material is large, and the large material is more difficult to crack than the small material because of the specifications.

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