Yueyang Huarong Anticorrosive Wooden Guardrail Installation Method

Yueyang Huarong Anticorrosive Wooden Guardrail Installation Method

Pre-treatment method of Yueyang anticorrosive wood guardrail installation

Vacuum high pressure soaking

This process is the key link of wooden fence anticorrosion. By injecting preservatives into wood, it can kill starch, cellulose, sugar and other biological components, further destroy the living environment of bacteria, pests and diseases, and improve its antiseptic performance.

High temperature characteristics

Qualitative analysis of high temperature is to further improve the anticorrosive wooden fence based on vacuum and high pressure soaking. At high temperatures, preservatives can effectively penetrate the inside of the fence, continuously end possible biological decay components inside the wood, and continually compress or even eliminate the growth space for diseases, insects and bacteria.

Air dry

Natural air drying has two functions. The first is to stabilize the performance of the preservatives in the first two stages and continuously distribute excess preservatives; the second is to adapt the preservative wooden fence to the future use environment and form a stable wooden unit layout as soon as possible to adapt to future use. Natural air-drying is usually the first step in antiseptic treatment of wooden fences, and its stability is related to the end use of wooden fences. Anticorrosive wooden fences are generally put into use directly through natural air-drying.

The above are some of the production processes of Yueyang anticorrosive wood guardrail before use

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