Yellowstone new balcony anticorrosive wood flower stand with high quality

Mar. 15,2020

The creation of a new anticorrosive wood flower stand for yellowstone balconies can add more color to the landscape of the garden, and the growth of the flowers and vegetation also adds to the fun of the garden flowers. In particular, since anticorrosive wood materials have been widely used in courtyard design, in a garden with natural, environmental protection and health as the main elements, a flower stand of anticorrosive wood just fits the purpose of courtyard construction, and also meets the public's aesthetics. Traditional flower stands are mostly set in gardens or outdoor recreation areas. Such a setting is more in line with the public's recognition of flower stands. After nearly a century of hard work by wood scientists from all over the world, the currently developed water-based preservatives are mainly CCA, ACQ, FCAP, ACA, ACC, CCB (referred to as the main chemical element) several categories. Although China's wood anticorrosion industry started late, after fully absorbing foreign experiences and lessons, the water-based preservatives currently included in China's industry standards include CCA, CuAz, AAC, ACQ, ACC, and boride (LY / 1635-2005 ).


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