Xuzhou anti-corrosion wood flower stand promotion quality pass

Mar. 15,2020

Xuzhou anti-corrosive wood flower stand promotion Many friends who love planting flowers will purchase anti-corrosive wood flower stand because it looks beautiful and has good durability. So what does it need to pay attention to during daily use?

1. Where the anticorrosive wood flower stand protrudes out of the balcony, use steel bars or wooden boards to make a block about 15 cm high to prevent the flower pot from falling.

2. For any empty anticorrosive wood flower stand made of steel bars or wooden planks, plastic film, cow felt or asbestos tile should be placed on the anticorrosive wood flower stand, and then flower pots should be placed. This not only prevents the wind from pouring into the pot from under the antiseptic wooden flower stand, but also benefits the growth of the pot. And with the cover of plastic film and other objects, watering and fertilizing will not leak directly to the lower balcony. Advantages of anticorrosive wood flower stand: Although ordinary wood is low in price, it has poor durability. Because flower stands are usually outdoors, anticorrosive wood has good characteristics such as antisepsis, insect resistance, and water resistance. Anticorrosive wood flower stands not only have a simple and natural appearance, but also make up the shortcomings of ordinary wood. material. With the development of bionic technology, the imitation of anticorrosive wood flower stands is gradually applied to people's lives. Designers pay attention to the imitation fruit, but also pay attention to the laws of natural change.


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