Factory direct supply of landscape log cabins wholesale

Factory direct supply of landscape log cabins wholesale

First, the basic principle of anticorrosion:

Wood anticorrosion is after boring, degreasing, and later mechanical processing, filling the wood into a closed pressure vessel, first extracting most of the atmosphere outside the nucleus of the wood under vacuum, and then under repeated pressure and vacuum conditions, the Wood preservatives (preservatives must have broad-spectrum anti-corrosion, anti-lost, have no effect on the function of wood, harmful to humans and animals, good process performance, cost and other fundamental characteristics) penetrate into the cell structure of wood, a period of time The solidification and solidification of the preservative effectively combines the preservative with wood cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin to reach the goal of anti-disintegration, so that the wood layout structure can resist the corrosion of various harmful factors, even in various unfavorable situations. Both can also be durable, in the case of abnormal applications for up to 20 years to ensure your stability.

Second, anti-corrosive wood weekday use:

Balcony heights, flower field platforms and pathways, outdoor tables and chairs, fences, carved bars, flower panes, grape stands, steps, park pavilions, bridges, flower beds, flower boxes, tree ponds, roadside leisure tables and chairs, pro Degree table, flower stand, outdoor trash can, wooden door III. Several kinds of costs necessary for purchasing anticorrosive wood:

1. Data fee: According to the cubic calculation, the p