What are the materials of Jinan anticorrosive wood?

Mar. 15,2020

What are the materials of Jinan anticorrosive wood?

Anti-corrosive wood is that after adding ordinary chemical preservatives to ordinary wood, it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-insect, anti-mold, etc. Can directly contact the soil and wet environment, often used in outdoor flooring, engineering, landscape, anti-corrosive wooden flower stand, etc., for people to rest and enjoy the natural beauty, donkey outside floor, garden landscape, wooden swing, entertainment facilities, wooden planks and other ideal materials Favored by gardening designers. Material of anticorrosive wood There are mainly two kinds of anticorrosive wood in China: Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica and Pinus sylvestris. If the anti-corrosion wood posts made of Russian Pinus sylvestris var. Mongolica are treated with imported logs in China, they are mostly treated with CCA chemicals. The anticorrosive wood of Nordic pine is made of anticorrosive wood from abroad and imported directly to domestic market. It is treated with ACQ medicine and is usually called "Finnish wood".


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