What are the characteristics of a good anti-corrosive wood paint?

Apr. 25,2020

After years of hard work and development, the benefits of anti-corrosion wood in Guiyang have gradually emerged. People are increasingly interested in outdoor furniture made of anti-corrosion wood. For anti-corrosion wood in Guiyang, the anti-corrosion wood paint layer is also important. Features?

1. The rational use of natural, economical, practical, cost-effective and renewable raw materials can effectively protect the environment and natural resources.

2.Anti-ultraviolet radiation and anti-static function, anti-aging, no warping, no peeling.

3.Good permeability, most artificial resins have a large molecular structure, which hinders the penetration of wood, which in turn affects the combination with wood.

4. Good affinity and completely environmental protection. All product raw materials are derived from natural raw materials, different from petrochemical products, free of benzene, free formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances. Users can dissolve better without worrying.

5. Keep the wood texture and a variety of rich colors to choose from. Maintain the original natural effect of the wood and show a perfect personality when approaching nature.

6. Anti-corrosion and anti-insect. The good durability of the coating can continuously and effectively extend the service life of the wood.

7, good self-cleaning function, the molecular structure contains a large number of hydroxyl groups, therefore, under natural wind, the surface dirt after rain washing is easy to remove. It penetrates into the wood through high toughness and forms an organic bond with the wood. Form a network It can effectively prevent water from entering. It can let the wood breathe freely again. It can effectively control the cracking of the wood and extend the service life of the wood.

8. Waterproof and breathable. The special molecular structure of natural vegetable oil ensures the performance of the porous coating, which can effectively prevent the external moisture from seeping into the wood at the same time, and also disperse the water inside the wood, so that the wood can breathe freely. At this time, the wood is balanced The internal stress makes the cut wood deformed due to water evaporation and uneven volatilization, effectively reducing the cracking of the wood.


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