What are the buying skills of Kunming anticorrosive wood?

Mar. 25,2020

What are the buying skills of Kunming anticorrosive wood?

As consumers naturally need to choose high-quality wood in the process of purchasing anticorrosive wood, to know what kind of anticorrosive wood is good, first of all, they must know how Kunming anticorrosive wood is made.

To put it simply, preservative wood is general wood that is processed into a closed pressure antiseptic tank, and the preservative is pressed into the wood with vacuum pressure. The preservative penetrates into the cell tissue of the wood, and can be tightly combined with wood fibers. To achieve the purpose of preservation.

Preservative wood is naturally inseparable from the treatment of preservatives. When it comes to preservatives, people can't help worrying about their safety. This is right. When choosing preservative wood, you must find out what kind of preservatives are used. The early preservative wood used CCA-C, B wood preservatives, which are toxic and generally used only outdoors. Nowadays, the emergence of ACQ-D, C, B wood preservatives has also created today's environmentally friendly preservatives. Such preservatives have passed environmental testing and everyone can use them with confidence. Of course, not all woods are suitable for this process. Woods such as European red pine can be closely combined with preservatives and have a long service life, which can reach 30 years; if they cannot be effectively combined with preservatives Even after the wood is treated with anti-corrosion, the anti-corrosion performance will not be very stable, and the service life will naturally not be long.


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