Types of anti-corrosion wooden houses and construction notes

Types of anti-corrosion wooden houses and construction notes

2. Precautions for the construction of anti-corrosion wooden houses 1. First, the product characteristics of anti-corrosion wooden houses have their own construction specifications and standards during the construction of anti-corrosion wooden houses. Therefore, the relevant person in charge suggests that anti-corrosion wood must be constructed in accordance with relevant operations Standards and specifications are implemented to prevent the anti-corrosion wood from being damaged and unusable due to irregular operations. 2. At the same time, we also know that when the anticorrosive wood is transported to the construction site, it should be ventilated and stored as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight. In the design and construction of the anti-corrosion wooden house, it should be as full as possible and the existing size of the anti-corrosion wood material should be cut, drilled, etc., must be painted with antiseptics to ensure the integrity of the imitation anti-corrosion layer. Pre-holes should be used when connecting to reduce cracking. 3. In addition, when building anticorrosive wood plank roads, floors, and terraces, try to use long wood planks, reduce joints, and keep 5-10mm gaps between the boards. Please use galvanized fasteners or stainless steel and hardware for all connection points of wooden houses and villas to prevent rust and loss of preservatives. In addition, the adhesive used in the anti-corrosion wood house should be waterproof and weather-resistant, and the surface of the anti-corrosion wood must be treated with water-based anti-ultraviolet paint. Types of anti-corrosion wooden houses and construction notes Zhejiang anti-corrosion wood processing plant tells you: Types of anti-corrosion wooden houses and construction notes , And durable, it is used by many people to build wooden houses, but there are many aspects to pay attention to during construction, and there are many kinds of wood for making anti-corrosion houses, and each has different characteristics. The following editor is for everyone Introduce the relevant content of the anti-corrosion wooden house in detail.

1. What are the types of anti-corrosion wood for wooden houses? 1. The Russian sylvestris sylvestris sylvestris sylvestris can directly use the high seed penetration method to make a comprehensive anti-corrosion plant. Its strength and beauty are well-known Various and engineering projects. It can be used for outdoor species, water species, indoor and outdoor species. Because of its special anti-corrosion work, all architectural works can be stored in the future.

2. Western cedar is a kind of high antiseptic wood in North America. It has mellow species and anti-corrosion and anti-Kunming species. It is a special kind of insect life that is not suitable for high species. For example, sauna rooms, bathrooms and rooms are used to make wet kitchen cabinets, clothing, etc. Natural preservative wood.

3. Southern Pine (Ponderosa Pine) Pine Yellow (also known as Southern Pine) has good strength and specific gravity, and its seed grip is a high-strength western foreign species. All kinds of anti-corrosion and intensive management of fir anti-corrosion species can be straight wood core. During the installation process, the section of Huangda equipment can be cut arbitrarily without any kind of anti-corrosion paint. Seed products can be used in sea water or river water. The anti-corrosion ability of seeds can be maintained for 50 years.

4. After the special antiseptic seeding treatment of Pinus sylvestris, the high-quality European species of Pinus sylvestris has the advantages of antiseptic, white species and bacteria prevention. All kinds of species are used in the extra-species environment and can be directly used for water and soil. The extra-species forests are materials that touch the wooden floors, species, seeds, seed paths and other wooden items in the garden landscape.

5, the kind of genre is the kind of wood floor that has good qualitative characteristics, and the latter has fewer kinds. Because of the color of the species, there are a variety of slight differences. The species are sold very well. They are divided into "variety", "species" large wood, color of the roots are biased, darker varieties are good for small wood, and the tip is yellow. Good variety of partial and partial color. It is currently the main type of floor material on the market.

6. Fenzimufen seeding wood is added to the artificial preservative wood species and perfusion is ACQ preservative species and KDAT (secondary dry kiln) extra-species preservative wood. Fen seed anti-corrosion material is to inject water-soluble anti-corrosion seed ACQ into the dense seed after the seed is empty, so that the anti-corrosion seed is immersed in the deep seed cell of the wood so that the wood has antibacterial, anti-corrosive, anti-white and other Parasitic function, high density, high strength, good seed holding power, seed management and clear fruit loading with seed effect. 7. Cunninghamia lanceolata is the most elegant and versatile species currently grown in North America. In terms of strength, it is slightly lower than the pine seed and suitable for anti-corrosion seed. Seed cedar can maintain the fixed shape and size of the seed. It will not twist the seed, expand the seed, or bend the seed, and it is very resistant to tan. Seed fir can still maintain new kinds of colors after all year round. It has strong grip strength and different coating adhesion performance. It can accept a variety of surface materials and is very wear-resistant. It is a variety of wood suitable for various purposes outside the species. 8. Chemical charcoal, carbonized wood is planted with high varieties of wood without any chemical conditions, and the same kind of charring is used to make the surface of the wood have a dark brown beauty effect. The plant has anti-corrosion and resistance to biological infestation. It has low water content, is not easy to absorb water, has a fixed material variety, does not have a shape, is completely fat and does not spread fat, it has good isolation performance, various construction, convenient brushing, and no special internal smell. It is an ideal room and sauna material Variety of baths with a new flow