Talk about suitable building places for anticorrosive wooden cabins

Feb. 8,2020

The price of anticorrosive wooden houses is determined by the materials, craftsmanship, morals, skills, and amateurism of design and construction. What is playing an important role in this is the amateur design and construction and the installation of materials. The anticorrosive wooden house is composed of hundreds of data parts, and each kind of data part will be divided into high, middle and low grades, and the price gap is extremely large. If according to market abnormal conditions, good morals, the price will be higher. For example, environmental protection, specifications, size, etc. are all higher in morality, and will cost more than parts with poor morality. The high price must be based on his high price. I would like to spend more money to choose to ensure quality. It is not necessary to retire in a short period of time. So what must be done in making anticorrosive wooden house is the following. Regardless of the size of the wooden villa, there is a reasonable and recognized funding estimate, which is a guarantee for smooth execution. From the perspective of China's wooden villa market today, the mid-range offer for light wood structural wood villas is 4,500 yuan per square meter, and the mid-range offer for heavy wood solid wood villas is 4,800 yuan / square meter. This quotation does not include on-site foundation construction, and the rest of the supporting information is at a mid-range level. High or low may differ in supporting materials, and the morality achieved will also be affected. Visiting the anti-corrosive wooden house company on the spot and evaluating some of the famous goals of the wooden villa company are the most useful ways to understand the company's strength, integrity, data morality, processing and construction capabilities. Corrosion-resistant wooden houses are less commonly used at home. Therefore, many people think that it is a career room to deal with the construction and application of board-houses. However, in fact, it is not true. The scope of application of corrosion-resistant wooden houses is similar to the construction of concrete. Let ’s take a look at the site selection of the board house. The scope of application of the board house is not much different from that of concrete. The anti-corrosion board house can also be used for lodging, entertainment, catering, fitness and other business purposes. It is a comprehensive construction. The only differences are the materials he uses and the other constructions. If necessary, the anticorrosive wooden house can also be used to make small garden houses such as flower garden homes, vacations, restaurants and bars, karaoke oxygen bars, and physical fitness.

1. Xintunzi in major economic development zones, such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, etc. Xintunzi is the most suitable for the construction of anticorrosive wooden houses. Not only can it save a lot of support for the central French method, but also its applicability is better.

2. The area of high dynamic development, compared with Japan, Japan is a famous country of high dynamic development. Therefore, Japan ’s Hengyu is basically built in a plate house. In China ’s area of high movement, it is also possible to test and apply a plate house as the main body.

3. Scenic area, anticorrosive wooden house is undeniably a good development career environment. Many people want to live long and have no conditions. It is pleasant to visit the scenery area with a cozy board house, which is relatively great for attracting customers. Highlights.


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