Precautions in the use of carbonized wood in Yunnan

Feb. 8,2020

Carbonized anticorrosive wood is a technique to stop homogeneous carbonization of wood by using low temperature, so that the wood collar has a certain degree of anticorrosion and resistance to biological attack. At the same time, the wood treated by carbonization also has the following advantages: a type of building materials and decorative materials suitable for any solid wood use. The carbonization of the wood outside is even and elegant. After being planed, a soft silky glow appears on the outside of the wood, and the texture becomes more visible. Anti-corrosion, can resist the corrosion of unfavorable conditions. Compared with other woods, in the same wet conditions, the existing carbonized wood is more durable and durable. After disposal, the wood oil content is extremely small, which is convenient for coloring and disposal outside. The selection and acquisition of its raw materials were stopped in accordance with the guidelines for sustainable forestry development. Because the production process of the product involves only temperature and steam, it does not add any chemicals. Except for the materials contained in the wood itself, no other materials will be added during the entire production process. When the product is used, it will not have any impact on the situation and can be used indoors. The practical wall decoration is easy to reach with eye-catching charcoal wood, and the overall consequences of elegance, even the slightly longer wooden boards are not easily deformed. The wooden boards and the wall are closely adhered to each other, which is very elegant. The floor made of glazed charcoal wood is more attractive and warmer at home. After the treatment, it is ensured that the wood is not easily deformed and the material is stable, so that the floor before entering the basin is stronger, and the floor will not be cracked due to deformation. At the same time, in warmer and humid places, charcoal wood flooring is more sophisticated than ordinary wood flooring. After being treated at low temperature, the content of resin is low, and the thermal conductivity is reduced, so these characteristics make it an ideal material for sauna rooms, such as benches, boards, and panels. Compared with the rest of the wood without carbonization, the outside of the carbonized wood is not hot to the touch and does not excrete resin at low temperatures. At the same time, the decoration of the bathroom is also an extremely suitable amateur decoration material. Because the material is stable, it is not easily deformed, and it is very anti-corrosive. It can be used for outdoor flooring, gardening and other outdoor light layout wood construction. General-purpose carbonized wood is particularly useful for those who require that the surface of the wood be handsome and that it remains undeformed in wet conditions. Therefore, to deal with indoor and outdoor wall decoration, gardening sketches, indoor flooring and all other wooden measures and equipment, its outstanding characteristics are particularly prominent, becoming a customer's ambition. The combination of ancient techniques and emerging advanced technology uses low temperature to stop the homogeneous carbonization of the wood, so that the wood collar has a certain degree of anti-corrosion and resistance to biological attack. The use of low-temperature carbonized wood techniques is a traditional treatment method for stopping the wood as if preventing deformation. Finnforest stopped improving this technique, and through the anaerobic dryness of the predecessors, the wood did not extinguish under the low temperature of 200-3000C, and it was useful to reduce the moisture content and resin content. Low-temperature carbonized wood not only lowers the water content of the wood, it is also more useful in transforming the "nutrient" components of the external cells of the wood, making the fungi and spores of the original wood spoilage helpless, and preventing the invasion of other dental wood animals. Low temperature carbonization makes the wood dark brown, and the whole body is of the same quality and color, which is convenient for cross-section disposal. The scale of use is very common. It is also used for indoor and outdoor non-chemical disposal products. It has no special breath, but it has anticorrosive effects. It is guaranteed that any physical processing of the indoor bathroom will not affect its weatherability and anticorrosive function. The quality is dark brown. Any sawing will not affect the aesthetics and will not absorb water easily. The moisture content is very low, which prevents cracking at a high level. The material is stable and cannot be easily deformed and easily processed. It can be used for any physical processing. The material is simple and easy to carry. It has nothing to do with outside protection and protection. It needs to be exposed to the weathered carbonized wood for a long time. It must be nurtured to ensure the life span and its elegance outsi


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