On the classification and characteristics of anticorrosive wooden houses

Feb. 8,2020

Not all anticorrosive wooden houses are the same. They have many divergent layouts and cultivate their aesthetic characteristics. The details are divided into the following categories: First, the truss layout. It is a lattice layout system composed of rods. Under the influence of external force, the internal force of the members of the truss is an axial force, which is evenly distributed and the force is justified. Second, the frame layout. The beam is a bending member, and it is important to receive the vertical load, and the vertical load is transmitted to the column through the joint, and the column is under pressure. The method of frame layout force transmission is concise and clear. At the same time, it gives a visual sense of stability. The space is wide, the windows are bright, and the penetration of the space is enhanced. Third, the suspension cable layout. It is important that the cable layout system that spans a large space only suffers axial tensile force, no bending moment and shear force, and fully exerts the tensile strength of the data. Fourth, the grid layout. It is a mesh layout composed of rods with a certain discipline. The layout is maneuverable and the surface is light. Under the influence of three-dimensional or nodal external forces, the important stress state of the rod is axial tension and compression, which fully displays the characteristics of the data. Fifth, the arch layout. It is a layout state where the construction state and the layout force are mixed. The arch has a curved shape. Under the influence of external force, the bending moment in the arch is reduced to the minimum limit. The important internal force becomes the axial pressure, and the stress is spread evenly, which can fully apply the data strength. (1) Natural and healthy: The board house is not luxurious and has no chemical or radioactive elements, so it will not be persecuted by the human body. Because the natural aroma of the log is scented by the lungs, it has great benefits for physical and mental health. (2) It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the bottom of the board house has thermal insulation properties, which can save a lot of power, that is, the extreme weather in cold or hot summer can adhere to a very suitable situation. (3) The application life of board house construction is relatively long, and the durability of excellent logs is excellent. In Sweden, there is still a log building built in 500 AD. It has been in the sun for hundreds of years, and it is better preserved today. (4) There are strange artistic characteristics: the artistic characteristics of the construction of the board house are affected by its log materials, especially the log construction of traditional hand-peeled logs. The thick expansion and rigor are well combined, really It is a magical workmanship, which constitutes a unique construction style, and the consequences are shocking. The anticorrosive wooden house has the function of preventing insects from decaying, which may build an unusually comfortable career for us. However, we will inevitably encounter price performance in the selection process. Quotations from different manufacturers during different periods are very different, which will affect their identity. What are they: 1. Morality of wood. Of course, the prices of different woods are also very different. Some woods are taken from some ancient trees. They have a long development cycle, are exceptionally strong, and have insect-repellent effects. However, such woods are certainly more expensive. Some timbers are artificially planted. They are economical timbers, which are used exclusively for the raw materials of board houses. Such timbers are cheaper. 2. Decoration taste. The cost of a board house is also indirectly related to the quality of the decoration. The quality of the decoration is higher, and the cost is higher. If it is a popular decoration, the price will be lower. Dealing with the cost of anticorrosive wooden houses is an extremely important key in our engineering budget. Whether it is high-rise construction or private houses, the cost is an inadvertent content. Therefore, it is the same in the process of supporting a board house. With the human capital and the cost of materials is gradually rising.

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