Manufacturing process of anticorrosive wood flower stand in Zunyi, Guizhou

Feb. 24,2020

Guizhou Zunyi antiseptic wood flower stand is highly toxic and has strong fungicidal ability. Tests have shown that the anticorrosive wood flower stand is particularly prominent in mold and antisepsis. The design of this antiseptic wooden flower stand in the picture above is very creative. A bench is also designed at the bottom of the flower stand for people to rest on their bikes. In the summer evening, sitting under a flower stand, the flowers are in bloom, comfortable and relaxing.

1. Generally speaking, the flower stand is four pillars, two pillars are crossbars, and the top of the other crossbars depends on Party B's requirements, such as a bag of cement, a small bag of sand and stone, outdoor weathering wood oil, and a moving ladder. Good tools: fixed cutting machine, mobile cutting machine, jig saw, angle polisher, electric drill, iron drill, hammer, horizontal pipe, spirit level, shovel, file.

2. Grind all the wood once, or touch it after finishing the wood. Then, you still need to excavate the column holes within the range specified by the specification. Generally, these holes are as deep as these holes. Of course, some preservative wood should be adjusted to the required specifications. In addition, the width of the hole depends on the length and width of the post, such as a 20 * 20 wooden post. Then these holes need 40 * 40, leaving some space for the cement in the tank.

3. Remember that you should see an opening at the top of the column, with the two openings facing in one direction, because the two columns are connected by a crossbar and the one is connected by two columns. Jinan anticorrosive wood flower rack draw the gap of each seat on the column bar you plan, then process the bar, first draw an opening on the bar, that is the width of the bar bar, and then on the bar Draw the opening so you can use the mobile cutter and then use the file to S. Open the sunroof.

4. The general purpose of making flower stands is to make them beautiful. Then open a bent plate at the head of the upper crossbar. At this time, curve playback is required. In fact, this principle is relatively simple, Nanchang anticorrosive wood flower stand must be considered by itself to understand. First put the crossbar of the pillar on the two pillars, and then stack the upper crossbar on it. There is a good opening on it. Firstly, put the two pillars closest to the pillar on it, so that the trend of a word can be Stable, of course, it is best to use wooden boards to fix the four pillars, everything must be stable, after all, it is wood, which part of the body is uncomfortable. Manipulable 5. Finally, the anticorrosive wood flower stand is recommended. After making the anticorrosive wood flower stand, remember to pour cement around the anticorrosive wood flower stand, fix the anticorrosive wood flower stand, and then paint the surface. This also plays a role in protecting the surface and preventing corrosion Wooden flower stand can be used well.


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