Maintenance method of pineapple lattice antiseptic wood

Mar. 15,2020

Maintenance method of pineapple lattice anticorrosive wood: Although pineapple lattice anticorrosive wood is good, if there is no correct installation method and regular maintenance, the life of the anticorrosive wood will not be long.

1. Try to use long wooden boards to reduce joints when constructing the terrace, in order to be beautiful; leave a gap of 5mm-10mm between the boards.

2. All connections should use galvanized connectors or stainless steel connectors and hardware products to prevent corrosion. Do not use different metal parts, otherwise it will rust quickly and cause fundamental damage to the wood product structure.

3. Outdoor wood should be dried in the shade to the same degree as the humidity of the external environment before construction. After the installation and installation of wood with a large water content, large deformation and cracking will occur.

4. At the construction site, the anticorrosive wood should be stored in a ventilated place, and the sun should be avoided as much as possible.

5. At the construction site, the existing size of the anticorrosive wood should be used as much as possible. For on-site processing, all cuts and holes should be fully painted with the corresponding preservative to ensure the service life of the anticorrosive wood. In the production of outdoor anti-corrosive wood flower stands, in addition to anti-corrosion and anti-mite, the properties of wood must also be considered, especially in the north, the air is dry, and long-term exposure to sunlight can easily cause wood to crack and whiten. After the preservative wood is sufficiently dried, the internal moisture content should be adjusted between 35% and 40%. After the high-pressure intrusion treatment of the preservative, the internal moisture content of the preservative wood tends to be balanced. During installation and use, a layer of paint is usually applied to provide a certain waterproof effect. Therefore, sunlight exposure does not affect the performance of wood preservatives to a great extent, and it is not easy to crack!


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