Maintenance method of anticorrosive wood floor

Feb. 8,2020

Anti-corrosive wood flooring is the waterproof and anti-corrosive wood flooring as its name implies. It is mainly used for outdoor places such as balcony and courtyard. In fact, Shenyang anti-corrosive wood flooring is the anti-corrosion, mildew, moth-proof, and termite-proof performance of ordinary wood after anti-corrosion treatment, so it is the first choice for outdoor wood flooring or outdoor wood flooring. In addition to these advantages, anti-corrosive wood flooring is also subject to anti-corrosion treatment, which improves the stability of the wood and protects itself outdoors; it is easy to color and can change the color according to the designer's requirements; in various climates outdoors Can be used for up to 15-50 years. Although preservative wood has all these advantages, we usually pay attention to his maintenance. The anti-corrosive wood floor is treated with anti-corrosion, but its essence is still wood, and it is still afraid of being wet by water. Keeping it moist for a long time will still cause it to change color and crack, so we must wipe off the water stains in time to keep it. Of drying. If you are in a dry environment for a long time, the floor is easy to expand and contract, leaving a gap, it will make a sound, put a humidifier to keep the air moist. Oil stains, alkaline garbage, etc. must be disposed of in a timely manner. Otherwise, it will easily cause the floor to change color, leaving traces of stains. Regularly wipe with cleaner, wax, or place a mat on the floor to protect it. Although the performance of anticorrosive wood flooring is better than that of ordinary wood flooring, he should also pay attention to his maintenance in daily life.


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