How to reduce the problem of cracking of antiseptic wood in antiseptic wood project?

Mar. 25,2020

How to reduce the problem of cracking of antiseptic wood in antiseptic wood project?

In the current building construction process, wooden buildings are becoming more and more fashionable. However, wooden buildings are not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also permeate cultural atmosphere. However, it has been used for a long time, and it is difficult to avoid cracking. Of course, eventually Affect our own security. So we have to prevent and slow this down. Since the cracking of Kunming anticorrosive wood in engineering buildings always occurs, how can we reduce the cracking of anticorrosive wood in anticorrosive wood projects?

We can understand that trees have age, and the wood made of them has many annual rings. The different annual rings indirectly affect the moisture content of the wood, and the moisture content is closely related to the deformation of the wood. It cracks and deforms. The more material that contains annual rings, the more severe the cracking. Therefore, large materials generally have more severe cracking problems than smaller materials.

The use of existing sizes and shapes is particularly important when processing wood, and we should maximize the use. Therefore, when connecting and installing, it is best to use hot-dip galvanized nails and screws as the connecting piece. If we need to connect, we need to drill holes before connecting. If glue is used, it must be waterproof. We'd better not choose the anti-corrosive wood below the second grade, because its moisture content is too high, and the problem of cracking and deformation is difficult to control.

If a grade with a moisture content of more than 20% is used, it is recommended to ensure that the wood stacking gap is about 15cm per layer at the construction site, and to prevent construction for more than three days at the construction site. Avoid direct sunlight during the period and reduce wood cracking. Possibility. If the wood is larger than 38cm, in order to reduce the occurrence of cracking, we can open a small 10 * 10mm groove in the heart of the wood.

In a word, when anticorrosive wood engineers use anticorrosive wood buildings, they must ensure the importance of selecting and using anticorrosive wood, so that the anticorrosive wood can be fully utilized in the project and the waste of wood can be effectively reduced.


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