How to extend the service life of anticorrosive wood flower stand

Apr. 12,2020

The first-class anticorrosive wood flower stand is good for anticorrosion and weather resistance, but also waterproof and moisture-proof, but it does not mean that it does not need maintenance. Due to artificial scratches or bumps in the outdoor, the anti-corrosion layer may be damaged, and in some uneven terrain, it will deform after a long time. There are many factors that can shorten its life span. How can the life of the Bijie preservative wood be extended? 1. It is important to lay anti-corrosion wood flower stands in suitable places. Uneven terrain will affect the original frame, which can be dealt with through gaskets. 2. The flower stand that is exposed to rain in the wild will inevitably be continually attacked, so the wood is periodically dried to evaporate the water entering the interior and prevent its internal structure from being damaged. 3. It is necessary to repair the damaged areas. If the anti-corrosion wood is not repaired, the anti-corrosion layer is damaged, then the rust of the metal fittings and the damage to the wood are possible. So it must be revised and checked at all times. 4. Large-scale repairs are necessary. They can be positioned once a year for painting or waxing. If it is not corrected and waits until it ages, such valuable anti-corrosion wood flower stand will basically be scrapped. 5. When using preservative wood flower stands, pay attention to the selection of plants, and understand the characteristics and growth conditions of plants, because after all, the most important purpose of preservative wood flower stands is to provide plants with a place to grow. The above is all about how to extend the service life of anticorrosive wood flower stand, I hope to help everyone. With the advancement of anti-corrosion wood bionic skills, many of the city's beautification uses anti-corrosion wood flower stands, which adds a little anger to the city. Some landscape gardens now use preservative wood flower stands for cutting. Some restaurants may be decorated with tea rooms. A flower stand can also be used as a passage between the aisles. Not only is it beautiful and it can also well shelter from the wind and rain, maybe the flower stand is directly used as the gate, so it is particularly important to learn how to extend the service life of the anticorrosive wood flower stand. The editor of Guizhou anti-corrosion wood manufacturers has shared here today.


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