How to achieve anticorrosive wood gazebos in Kunming, Yunnan

Feb. 24,2020

The preservative principle of preservatives is mainly in two aspects: mechanical isolation and toxic preservative. Mechanical isolation and anti-corrosion, such as decorative coatings, protect the exposed surface of the wood, preventing direct contact between the gazebo of the anti-corrosion wood and external environmental elements to prevent microbial corrosion. This method uses paint as a wood preservative, but its anti-corrosion The effectiveness is very limited, and it cannot reach the expected anticorrosive effect. Toxicity of anti-corrosion test Preservatives are poisoned according to the growth of microorganisms, or microorganisms that absorb preservatives and are poisoned. The current preservatives are more effective than poisons to achieve antiseptic intentions, so people are paying more and more attention to the connection between preservatives and human livelihoods and the ecological environment. High-efficiency, non-toxic, multi-effect chemical agents and biological control will continue. Future development direction. Beijing Yongshun Anticorrosive Wood Manufacturers introduced how to achieve anticorrosive wood pavilion. Although it has anticorrosive properties, we cannot ignore its maintenance. Nothing is not bad, so it is very important to protect and maintain it. .


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