How Kunming anticorrosive wood can effectively prevent microbial erosion

Mar. 25,2020

How Kunming anticorrosive wood can effectively prevent microbial erosion

First of all, in a broad sense, generally wood with a certain anti-corrosion performance can be called anti-corrosion wood, so there are three kinds of natural anti-corrosion wood, carbonized wood and artificial anti-corrosion wood. Currently the most sold in the market is artificial preservative wood. Anticorrosive wood is made by ordinary wood as if treated. The anti-corrosive wood not only has the functions of anti-corrosion, mildew resistance, moth-proof, etc., but also can be directly used in the environment where the water body and soil are in contact, that is to say, it is very suitable for balcony use that needs to be in contact with the outside world. And according to Xiaobian's understanding, anti-corrosive wood can also effectively prevent the erosion of microorganisms and can withstand the harsh outdoor environment, so it is very easy for everyone to take care of during the use.

Second, let ’s learn how to choose anticorrosive wood. When choosing anticorrosive wood, first of all, look at its appearance color. Kunming anticorrosive wood is generally green or blue-green. This is because of CCA or ACQ wood. Preservatives contain copper oxide. However, everyone should note that color is not the main quality index of antiseptic wood. Because many manufacturers now use simple methods such as dipping and painting with paint to pass the quality of preservative wood when they produce preservative wood, everyone must identify them when buying. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the surface of the wood for knots, cracks, deformation and other phenomena. Because the knots not only affect the aesthetics of the wood, but also an important channel for the wood to be attacked by bacteria and insects. If there are cracks or deformation, it means that the drying of the wood is not up to standard, so everyone must pay attention to observation when buying. Finally, when choosing preservative wood, we need to focus on the drug loading of preservative wood and the penetration of preservatives, which is the kilogram of preservative per cubic meter of wood. Because the drug loading affects the anticorrosive performance and environmental protection of anticorrosive wood, the penetration of anticorrosive wood refers to the depth of penetration of preservatives. Generally, the greater the penetration depth, the less likely the protected high-pressure treated wood will be affected. Damage, so when you buy anticorrosive wood, you must ask clearly.


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