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Feb. 10,2020

Anticorrosive wood products are of good quality and reasonable price, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers. The following is a brief answer to the need for rehydration in Chongqing in winter: solid wood flooring: In fact, solid wood flooring is most susceptible to external environmental interference. When humidity and temperature change, it is most likely to exhibit deformation and cracking. Cork flooring: Cork flooring gives people a sense of foot, and its enemy is sand. Windy sand in winter, prevent sand particles from being brought into the room during use, so as not to damage the appearance of the cork floor. Laminate flooring: The weather is cold and boring in winter. The moisture content in laminate flooring should be maintained. It can be wiped with a mop to increase the appearance humidity. The weather is boring in winter, the solid wood floor will shrink due to dehydration, and the splicing gap will increase; we need to wax the "mask" on the solid wood floor, and we recommend waxing twice a year. However, if the laminate flooring has “cracks”, it is generally recommended to ask professional maintenance personnel to perform maintenance “hydration” and fill it up. After reading the answer above, I believe that everyone should be very clear about the need for hydration in Chongqing in winter. Precautions for the use of anticorrosive wood: At the construction site, the anticorrosive wood should be stored in a ventilated place and should be protected from the sun as much as possible. For all connection points, please use hot-dip galvanized fasteners, perhaps stainless steel and hardware. If further maintenance of wood is required, wood varnishes can be applied to reduce cracking, but it is necessary to wait for the wood to become boring in the future. CCA anticorrosive wood equipment operation: It is recommended that workers wear gloves and wash their hands before eating. The discarded wood or sawdust must not be incinerated. During construction, the existing standards of anticorrosive wood can be used as much as possible. For cutting and drilling, it is necessary to use CCA preservatives to make up to ensure the service life of anticorrosive wood. When setting up the roof, try to use long wooden boards to reduce the joints in order to be beautiful; leave a 5-10mm gap between the boards. Principles of safe use of anticorrosive wood: After all, anticorrosive wood is chemically preserved, and there will be residual chemicals. This is quite normal. When our workers install or faint, they must make good protective equipment to block pollution from the human body. The following introduces the common sense of safety protection of anticorrosive wood. First of all, when touching the anticorrosive wood, especially the products that have just come out of the sound field, the preservative has not completely evaporated. To prevent direct skin contact, you should wear gloves when handling the anticorrosive wood. Secondly, it is necessary to prevent wood chips from entering the body when antiseptic wood is used. The protection method is to wear a mask to protect the eyes from flying particles when using power sawing or machining. Be sure to clean it again after processing. After touching the skin, wash it with soap and water. In the end, do not incinerate the preservative wood. The adulteration left in the house should be clear and clean.


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