Hebei willow eucalyptus handrail manufacturers | Baoding willow eucalyptus floor price

Hebei willow eucalyptus handrail manufacturers | Baoding willow eucalyptus floor price

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Eucalyptus notes

The willow eucalyptus anticorrosive wood floor gives the most comfortable feet, and its enemy is sand. It is very windy and sandy in winter. When using, avoid bringing sand into the room, so as not to damage the surface of the cork floor. We are going to wax the film on the floor. We recommend waxing twice a year. The difference between anti-corrosion wood and other woods is that its insect-proof performance and moisture-proof performance are quite good. Anti-corrosion wood has become an indispensable decorative material in modern outdoor landscapes. 1. Precautions for installing eucalyptus anticorrosive wood Anticorrosive wood must be aware of some precautions before construction. Knowing these can make construction better.

1. During construction, the anticorrosive wood should be stored in a ventilated place to avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

2. During construction, try to use the existing size of the anticorrosive wood to minimize the cutting effect. We know that after cutting or drilling the anticorrosive wood, CCA preservatives need to be used for remediation, so as to ensure the life of the anticorrosive wood. 3. Use anti-corrosion wood to build the platform, and use as few joints as possible in the gazebo, so that it can be more beautiful, while maintaining the gap between the noodles about 5-10mm.

4. The connection points are made of heat-invasive fasteners, and stainless steel is also acceptable. Warranty life.

5. If you need to further protect the wood, you can use wood paint to reduce cracking, but it must be done after the wood is dried.

6. Installation of CCA anticorrosive wood: It is recommended that workers wear gloves and wash their hands before eating. Waste wood or sawdust must not be burned.

7. Cut the end surface of the preservative wood on site. It is recommended to use Fengsheng preservative to remedy the brush.

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