Guiyang Guiyang installation instructions

Guiyang Guiyang installation instructions

Precautions for installing anticorrosive wood

1. At the construction site, anti-corrosion wood should be stored in a ventilated place, and direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible;

2. During construction, the existing size of anti-corrosion wood should be used as much as possible. If cutting, drilling, etc., CCA preservative must be used for remediation to ensure the service life of anti-corrosion wood;

3. Drill holes in advance when connecting, so as to reduce cracking;

4. The anti-corrosion wood company believes that when building terraces, try to use long wooden boards to reduce joints for aesthetics; leave 5-10mm gaps between the board surfaces;

5. Use galvanized fasteners or stainless steel and hardware for all connection points;

6. The adhesive used in anti-corrosion wood should be waterproof and weather-resistant;

7. For the wood with a thickness greater than 35mm, in order to prevent its deformation, a small groove with a width and depth of 10mm can be opened at the center line of the side of the wood core;

8. Wet wood surface should not be painted, and water-based anti-ultraviolet paint must be used to treat the surface;