Guizhou Antiseptic Wood Park Chair

Guizhou Antiseptic Wood Park Chair

How to install the chair in Guizhou anticorrosive wood park

1. First, use a ruler to measure the distance of the screw hole of each park chair foot, and mark it with chalk.

2. Then compare the expansion bolt with the electric drill bit. The diameter of the hole to be drilled should be slightly larger than the width of the outer tube of the expansion bolt (see figure). The depth of the hole is preferably 5mm-10mm longer than the bolt.

3. After drilling, put the expansion bolt into the hole, and then use a wrench to turn the nut to expand the metal sleeve of the outer tube to fill the hole wall. Confirm that the expansion bolt cannot be pulled out and complete the installation of the expansion bolt.

4. Move the park chair, the screw holes of the chair legs are aligned with the bolts, then put in new nuts, and tighten with a wrench. Different chairs have different installation methods, please refer to the installation instructions, if not, please consult the manufacturer.

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