Discussion on the development of anticorrosive wood manufacturers in Guizhou

Discussion on the development of anticorrosive wood manufacturers in Guizhou

Guizhou anti-corrosion wood manufacturers say that in recent years anti-corrosion wood has risen and developed in many construction areas:

1. Applied to wooden structure engineering. National standards "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Wooden Structure Engineering", "Standard for Test Methods of Wooden Structures" and "Code for Design of Wood Structure Engineering" have been successively issued. These specifications and standards all include chapters and requirements for anticorrosion of wooden structures, and provide for sawn timber, Laminated plywood, plywood, and structural composite wood should all be treated with pressure. The retention and penetration of preservatives are also clearly defined. The preservation of wood structures will also become one of the hot spots in the protection of building wood. .

2, applied to garden architecture. With the development of green garden landscape projects in cities and residential quarters, the structure of anticorrosive wood products for garden buildings has increasingly moved to the market and has become a new hotspot in the development of anticorrosive wood products. These woods and wood products are used outdoors and in the open air. They have to withstand the long-term test of sun and rain, and the requirements for protective treatment should be relatively high.

3. It is applied to the protection of the interior decoration and decoration wood members. It is understood that during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, China will use 70 million cubic meters of wood for house decoration and decoration each year. Many of these woods have anti-corrosion treatment value. However, the wood anti-corrosion work has not been fully concerned and started so far. It is only a small part of the sporadic, or simple termite control and flame retardant treatment. Carrying out the anticorrosion of house interior decoration and decoration wood products will be multifaceted, and the technical difficulty is relatively high. It should be comprehensively considered from various aspects such as wood drying, antisepsis, insect resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, termite resistance, crack resistance, flame resistance, etc. Its overall taste.

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