Guizhou Liupanshui Anticorrosive Wooden Boat

Feb. 15,2020

Guizhou Liupanshui Anticorrosive Wooden Boat

Jinan antiseptic wooden ship production tools

Ash sieve, quick lime: When ash sieve is used for "milling ash", the lime is sieved to remove impurities. Hemp and tung oil: When building a wooden boat, after the seam between wooden boards is filled with a mixture of lime and tung oil, hemp needs to be embedded, and finally the mixture of lime and tung oil is filled again.

Planers, axes, claw hammers: Planers include long planers and short planers. Long planers are used for straightening, thinning, light-emitting, and flat surfaces. Short planers are used for short materials. Axes are more common in farms and are dedicated to logging, chopping firewood and chopping wood. Claw hammer: The claw hammer uses gravity to strike, which can be used for ingot nails, etc. The claw head shape can also be used for pulling nails.

Hob planing, groove planing: Hob planing is mostly used for the bends of wooden boats, and can be curved, and groove planing is mostly used when wooden boats are slotted.

Manual rotation: In the past, there was no electric drill, so he invented the manual rotation, which is used for wood drilling. There are single-handed rotation and double-handed rotation; single-handed rotation can be operated by one person; .

Pulling hoop: Pulling hoop is a unique tool for shipbuilding. It consists of a hook and a wooden stick. It is used when the wooden board is assembled with the wooden board. During use, the wooden board to be spliced is placed in the hook to tighten tightly. Clamp: The style is similar to scissors. The head of the clamp can be used to pull nails. Open the clamp. After the head is fixed, the back grab can be used to fix some small wood. Chisels and nails: There are many types of chisels, including quick chisels, chain chisels, and haiku chisels; nails are delivered with flat, blunt, and blunt heads. Knife saw: The handle of the saw is round, the sharp part of the blade has serrations, and it is only the main tool for shipbuilding. In use, a living water hole is cut by rotating the handle to save fresh fish. Wide saws and narrow saws: The saws can be divided into wide saws and narrow saws according to the saw blade. This type of saw blade, which is wider, is more common in farms; narrow saw blades, which are long and narrow, make it easy to turn when sawing wood. Angle ruler, ruler, and eight-fold ruler: The angle ruler and ruler are used for measuring and marking; the eight-fold ruler can flex and stretch, and is also used for measuring. Nails, badges, and hoops: There are many types of nails, including mixed nails-head size, creeping nails-used for fixing and so on. There are also 橹 锔, 弯, 弯, and 扒, etc. 橹 锔 is used to fix wooden boat ,, curved 锔 is a shipbuilding tool, and 扒 is used to close the seam. The two iron rings are the same. One end is nailed and the other is looped. The large one is used to tie the reins, and the small one is used to hang hi red.


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