Guizhou Liupanshui anticorrosive wood installation method

Feb. 24,2020

Guizhou Liupanshui anticorrosive wood installation method

The first is that if the anticorrosive wood is to be used as an outdoor timber structure, the raw wood of the anticorrosive wood is dried in the shade outdoors to achieve approximately the same degree of humidity and changes in the external environment. If wood with a large water content is used for construction and installation, large deformation and cracking will occur, and severe cases will directly affect the use and anti-corrosion of wood.

The second is to use the existing size of the anticorrosive wood as far as possible for the material selection at the construction site. It is not to be used as long as possible. To ensure the longevity of the use of preservative wood.

The third is galvanized connectors or stainless steel connections and hardware products that should be used at all joints that produce anti-corrosion wood during special processing to prevent corrosion. Never use rusty connectors that are not easy to use, otherwise wood products are easy. The structure is fundamentally damaged and cannot be repaired.

The fourth is the construction site of the anticorrosive wood structure. The anticorrosive wood and timber should be stored in a ventilated place and covered with a sunscreen if necessary to prevent direct exposure to the sun.

Fifth, after the anti-corrosion wood manufacturers have finished the construction of the anti-corrosion wood structure, the wood surface is painted with the protective paint of the wood after the wood is dried or air-dried. The film is formed on the surface of the antiseptic wood. Although the wood of the antiseptic wood can prevent bacteria, mildew, and termite erosion, this step is still crucial and has achieved the best results.


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