Ecological wood outdoor products installation methods and precautions

Feb. 8,2020

The ecological wood outdoor products are mainly divided into three categories: ecological wood outdoor flooring, ecological wood outdoor square wood, and ecological wood outdoor carved fences. Although these products are very convenient to install, they must also follow the instructions and precautions of the manufacturers when they are installed. (1) Eco-wood outdoor floor installations should first be laying keels at high altitudes (the best interval for each keel may be 35cm), and then adopt the method of floor fasteners (rubber particles) leaving seams and stitching. , Use the screws to hold firmly, use nail-free glue to securely close the edge strips, and hit the nails. (2) Ecological wood outdoor square wood is first nailed with wooden wedges at the top and bottom of the space where the square wood is installed, and then the two ends of the square wood are pulled out of the wooden wedges. (1) When installing any ecological wood products, pay attention to the outside of the cover materials to avoid being scratched. (2) Pay attention to the position of the screw at the same time as the strength of the tube, and the elegant consequences of the entire product. (3) Department engraving can stop the device at high altitude. To deal with the engraving request, you need to stop calculating the angle of the tenon, and pay attention to the uniform transition. Pay attention to the elegance when the engraving device of the engraving. The screw holes only need not be exposed . When tenoning, we should consider the characteristics of the thermal expansion and contraction of ecological wood to leave room for telescopic movement. (4) Stop the calculation of the load bearing of the ecological wood outdoor floor before construction. The keel should be level. It is best to install the floor on the keel. The distance between the keel must be accurately calculated. It should be tightened with shrink screws and the plate should be 2 stainless steel. The screws are fastened to the keel. Considering that the ecological wood floor has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, expansion joints must be left in the floor. When there is an inclination between the profile and the keel, or if it is installed outside the bath, please reduce the distance between the keels to a maximum of 10 cm.

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