Do you know anti-corrosion wood decoration materials

Apr. 25,2020

Guiyang anti-corrosion wood flower box is an indispensable part of modern decoration. The decorative materials industry has been actively developing all the time. Do you know anti-corrosion wood decorative materials? If you have logs to decorate the demand, then this material can meet the demand. A friend who is familiar with modern decoration knows that using anti-corrosion wood flower boxes to decorate the environment has become a necessary composition. The anti-corrosion wood flower box is made of anti-corrosion wood. Anti-fungal effect.

In our lives, anti-corrosion wood is everywhere. Anti-corrosion wood is dedicated to outdoor environment and can be used directly in the environment in contact with water and soil. It is outdoor wooden floor, garden landscape floor, outdoor wooden platform, terrace floor, outdoor wood The material of choice for treeways and other outdoor anticorrosive wood shafts.

The improvement of living standards has changed people's living habits. Nowadays, some people like to place wooden gazebos in roof gardens or courtyards, but what kind of wood material is suitable for making flower boxes? The first problem to be overcome by anticorrosive wood flower boxes is antiseptic , The following is some professional knowledge about Guiyang antiseptic wood flower box.

Advantages of anticorrosive wood flower box

1.Natural, environmentally friendly, and safe (the logs are in primary colors, slightly green)

2. Anti-corrosion wood, anti-corrosion, anti-mold, anti-moth, anti-termite invasion.

3.Improve the stability of wood, anti-corrosion wood is more important for the protection of outdoor wood structure.

4, anti-corrosion wood is easy to color and color, according to the design requirements, it can achieve a beautiful effect.

5.It can meet various design requirements and is easy to garden wood of various garden landscapes.

6. The anti-corrosion wood is particularly effective in contact with moist soil or hydrophilic soil, and can be used for more than 15-50 years in various outdoor climates.


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