Detailed explanation of the environmental protection level of wood-based panels

Jul. 28,2020

Detailed explanation of the environmental protection grades E0, E1, E2, F4 (F★★★★ level) of wood-based panels. The two standards E1 and E2 were originally produced in Germany and later cited as European standards; China promulgated and implemented on July 1, 2002 "10 mandatory national standards for harmful substances in interior decoration materials", that is, E1 and E2. The highest national standard in China is E1. Many furniture on the market can meet this standard; E0 standards are produced in Japan , Is the most stringent environmental protection standard, which is equivalent to the highest European standard E(1/2); "F4 star" originated from the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Japan, which is actually Japan’s "F☆☆☆☆ Certification Standard". The Japanese floor standard has the highest health level and is considered to be the healthiest floor standard in the world. If you look at it according to the usual E1 and E0 standards, then the "F3 star" is equivalent to the national E0 standard, and it is recommended to limit the area of use, while the "F4 star" is much higher than the "F3 star", and there is no restriction on the area of use. Some people say that E0 is an enterprise standard, E1 is an international standard, and E2 is a domestic standard. It is not unreasonable. Generally, domestic standards are slightly lower than European standards. E0 and F★★★★ are currently only enforced in Japan and Finland. For other countries, they are voluntary standards, not mandatory standards. So to be precise, there is no such thing as an E0 standard in the European market. In the national sanitary standards for drinking water that China has implemented earlier, the maximum limit value of formaldehyde residue is 0.9 mg/L, which means that E0, as the highest limit value of indoor air, can already be related to the health of food, drinking water and other related products. Safety standards are comparable. The E0 health standard is the lowest limit of global indoor air formaldehyde pollution, and even exceeds the level of food safety. The requirements are so strict that the new national standards only use it as a recommended standard for plate manufacturers.


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