Cangzhou professional custom wood flower stand column

Mar. 15,2020

Cangzhou custom anticorrosive wood flower stand column outdoor flower stand Introduction: Outdoor flower stand is a kind of flower stand often used in modern parks, roads and garden scenic spots. It is the general name for all outdoor flower stands that can be placed. It generally includes imitation wood flower stand, balcony flower stand, garden flower stand and so on. According to the material, it can be divided into: wrought iron flower stand, antiseptic wood flower stand, imitation wood flower stand, etc. Although the performance and material of outdoor flower stands are different, they all have a common feature, that is, better decorative flowers. Echoing role. 5. Many people will ask that many traditional wood products are painted with tung oil on domestic wood. The principle is to soak and paint preservatives. Is it possible to represent antiseptic wood flower stands? Experts believe that they cannot be replaced. Because of the principle of applying tung oil, only the preservative is attached to the wooden surface, which protects the wooden surface. However, over time, the domestic wood will crack deeply and lose its antiseptic property. How can this be prevented? What happens? The best way is to perform brush maintenance regularly (usually 2 ~ 3 years)


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