Anticorrosive wood flower stand design with emphasis

Mar. 25,2020

Anticorrosive wood flower stand design with emphasis

Anticorrosive wood flower stand is made of Wuhan anticorrosive wood. It is natural, environmentally friendly and safe. It is particularly effective in contact with moist soil or hydrophilicity. The use of anticorrosive wood flower stands is mainly reflected in the balcony, outdoor, park, community greening, etc. Let us understand what are the design points of anticorrosive wood flower stands?

1. Try to be proportional to the surrounding space. As far as small courtyards are concerned, the designed flower stand should not be too large. If it is too large, it should be placed in a small space.

2. The Kunming anticorrosive wood flower stand should be beautiful against the green shade, but it should also look good after falling leaves, and it should be treated as an art work.

3. The selection of the location of the antiseptic wooden flower stand requires transparent surroundings. The anti-corrosive wood flower stand gives a very special feeling of space. Except for the supporting pillars, there is no fence and door. The floor and floor of the flower stand and Zhankou are not necessarily similar to you or can be freely crossed and extended to each other. Ordinary anticorrosive wood flower stands are usually three steps and one fold, and five parts and one song can produce many small landscapes. Adding scenery to the landscape, adding a lot of scenery to the garden landscape

The following are the main points of the design and construction of two common types of anticorrosive wood flower stands:

1. Double-column anti-corrosive wood flower stand, with cement bricks as the veneer of the double-column, the top of which is made of anti-corrosion wood plates as a grid, each 50 cm or so, the light is more transparent, the forms of the double-column are diverse, and can be straight Curves, polylines, etc.

2. Single post antiseptic wood flower stand. The structure is simple and easy to build. The upright 10 * 10 cm plate is used to support the middle road and bear the overhanging reset at both ends. For the beauty and stability of the flower stand, the single-post anti-corrosion wood flower stand should be made into a curve on the plane, light and lively. Because anticorrosive wood flower stands usually need to support considerable weight, the pillars and beams must have sufficient strength and reasonable structure.


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