Anshun anticorrosive wood gazebo anticorrosive wood flowerpot manufacturers

Anshun anticorrosive wood gazebo anticorrosive wood flowerpot manufacturers

Chongqing anticorrosive wood installation is also very skillful

1. Outdoor wood should be rebuilt to the same degree as the humidity of the external environment. Wood with a large water content will undergo large deformation and cracking after construction and installation.

2. The anti-corrosion wood should be stored in a ventilated place at the construction site to avoid sunlight.

3, the construction site should try to use the existing size of anti-corrosion wood. If on-site processing is required, all preservatives should be used and all cuts and holes should be brushed clean to ensure the service life of the preservative wood.

4. When constructing the terrace, try to use long wooden boards to reduce the seams for beauty; leave a space of 5mm-10mm between the panels.

5. All joints should be galvanized or stainless steel joints and hardware to prevent corrosion. No different metal parts should be used. Otherwise, it will soon rust, causing fundamental damage to the structure of the wood product.

6. In the manufacturing and perforating process, electric drills should be used for perforation and then fixed with screws to avoid artificial cracking.

7. Although the treated wood can prevent bacteria, mildew and termite erosion, we still recommend that you use a wood protective paint on the surface of the wood after the project is completed, when the wood is dry or air-dried. When using outdoor wood lacquer, you should pay attention to full shaking and 24 hours of sunny we